Re: [PARPORT] Re: ANYONE out there using the BJC-80 scanner module with RH6.2????

From: Jochen Eisinger (
Date: Sat Dec 16 2000 - 06:36:03 EST

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    [Laurence John Oliver]
    > I've got a Tosh laptop running Red Hat 6.2 (2.2.16-3) - the printer
    > (Canon BJC-80) works fine - BUT I really need to get the scanner module
    > working as a parallel port scanner under linux - has anyone out there
    > had any success with this/managed to do this already?

    As far as I know, this scanner isn't supported (and also nobody is
    working on a backend for it). You may want to ask questions concerning
    scanners on (information can be found at

    -- jochen

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