Re: [PARPORT] Finally got SparQ drive working under Debian 2.0!!!
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 07:08:26 -0400 (EDT)

> I just wanted to pass along that I was able to get my SparQ drive
> working under Debian 2.0. The problem was that pd.o and epat.o were
> never put in /lib/modules/2.0.34/block. For some reason when I
> performed a "make modules_install" after rebuilding the kernel these
> modules never got moved over even though the paride.o module did.

This turns out to be a consequence of some minor errors in the PARIDE
makefiles. Those of us who manage modules manually wouldn't have noticed.

The problem has been fixed in 2.1.118 - I'll try to get patches for
2.0 ready this weekend.

> I'm able to read and write to the disk as an msdos or vfat disk but
> there seems to be a problem with formating a disk in ext2 format. The
> format works fine, no errors, but when I try to mount the drive it says
> that it has a bad superblock or is a bad filesystem.

Please be sure to include _all_ messages, both shell messages and kernel
log (dmesg) messages.

Exactly what commands did you use that led to this failure ?

If you do not get "pd" errors logged, the problem is probably not related
to the driver, but rather to the way you made the filesystem. If you _do_
get pd messages, then you could have a driver problem, which I would want
to fix.

There haven't been too many SparQ related problems that could be traced to
the driver in some time - but that's not to say that there are no bugs.

Grant R. Guenther

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