Re: [PARPORT] parport scanners?

Jonathan Buzzard (
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 21:06:00 +0100 said:
> I have a suspicion that these scanners may well be using
> parallel-to-SCSI adaptors like many disk products do. In which case
> you might find that one of Grant's many drivers is the best place to
> start, or maybe one of them will already work.

Some are, but I think most are using propriotary protocols. The reason
is they can make more effecient use of the limited bandwidth on the
parallel port to shift the 24Mb of data for a 24bit colour scan of an
A4 page of the scanner at 300dpi.

To be honest, if you plan more than occasionaly use you are better off getting
a SCSI solution (or possibly a USB one if support becomes avaliable under


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