Re: [PARPORT] parport scanners?

Jeff Garzik (
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 16:12:02 -0400 (EDT) wrote:
> > wrote:
> > > Here's the scoop from my end: to date I know of only one scanner where we
> > > have a hope: the Microtek V310. This device uses the OnSpec 90c26 as a
> > > Parallel Port SCSI adapter. I don't have a working driver for the 90c26
> > > (as a SCSI adapter) yet, but I am actually working on it when I can.
> >
> > Where is there only one scanner we have a hope of supporting?
> > Or, do you mean that the V310 is the only we that can be easily
> > supported?
> I'm sorry, but I can't tell if you are scolding my use of the word
> "where" in that sentence, or whether you have a genuine question.

Not scolding, merely didn't understand your statement and looking for
clarification. :)

> If the manufacturers refuse to release programming information, our
> only recourse is to reverse engineering. We've been reasonably
> successful with parallel port IDE devices and some SCSI adapters, but
> not (so far) with scanners.

The scanner is an AcerScan w/ a SCSI-over-parallel interface. It comes
with its own SCSI-over-parallel card; both the chipset and the card
itself read "Domec"; presumably some card maker I've never heard of.

Anyway, I am going to try to contact the manufacturer to get specs and a
DDK for it...


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