Re: [PARPORT] [PARPORT} Backpack CD and Thinkpad 755CX
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 09:50:57 -0400 (EDT)

> I am trying to install Linux Red Hat 5.1 on an IBM thinkpad 755 CX
> using a backpack CD drive. Since the backpack CD driver is not part of
> the 5.1 kernel I am booting with a 5.0 kernel and then installing from
> the Red Hat 5.1 CD.

Well, actually, the 5.1 floppy does have the driver, it just doesn't work
with newer models of the backpack. The rh5bpcd disk from my ftp area
has the newer PARIDE driver on it.

> The installation appears to go fine until it gets to the point where
> the various packages are actually installed. The install will install
> anywhere from 50-100 of the packages, and then it just stops. As near
> as I can tell it is like the Backpack drive just stops responding. I
> have seen numerous posts indicating that the install from this laptop
> using the Backpack drive works, and it appears it works most of the time
> without incident.

This sounds like the infamous Thinkpad EPP bug. Try forcing the driver
to use bidirectional mode - or set the port to bidirectional mode in
the CMOS setup.

> Are there some initialization parameters I can pass to the drive
> that may make it behave? Should I attempt to re-compile the 5.1 kernel
> source on another machine (I have a desktop that is running Red Hat 5.1)
> with the backpack support? Would that likely address the problem, or is
> it just a waste of time?

Try the CMOS path first, and get back to me if that doesn't help.

Grant R. Guenther

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