One PDF implementation down (many to go)

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Recently I updated CUPS in Fedora 9 and 10 to version 1.3.10. One big change in CUPS 1.3.10 is in the filter for converting PDF documents to PostScript: it has been completely reimplemented. This sounds like a lot of work but in fact it is now a very simple wrapper program.


Fedora 11 test updates for printing

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Fedora 11 is finally out. The bad news is that there are several known issues (well, known now) with printing. Unfortunately I was tied up with PDF-related security fixes for several months and did not have the time I wanted to spend on polishing Fedora 11.


OpenSolaris to use system-config-printer

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

The latest build of OpenSolaris uses system-config-printer for configuring CUPS.  World domination is brought a step closer. 😉

How I use git

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

gitBack in May last year I switched over several projects from Subversion to Git. It’s a shame that git doesn’t have a better project name, something that says “version control system” rather than being a mild insult. That aside, though, what a relief it was to finally use something that is Not CVS.

At the time I couldn’t find a good “best practice” document, just lots of instructions on individual commands. Here is how I manage the system-config-printer source code using git. I hope someone finds it useful.  I don’t pretend that this is “best practice” — it’s just some of the things I’ve learned since starting to use git.


Screenshots: system-config-printer 1.1

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

As part of my work for Red Hat I’ve been working on the printing configuration program, system-config-printerFedora 10 came with version 1.0 of this application, which provides a notification area print icon as well as the ability to configure printers, and I made the 1.1 version available earlier this year.  The most recent release is 1.1.3.

I’ve taken some screenshots of system-config-printer 1.1, and this version will be in Fedora 11 when it is released this year.

Screenshots below.  As an aside, I have to say that taking screenshots is one of the most rapid methods of finding bugs I know!