Month: October 2007

  • My dæmon

    “The Golden Compass” is the name of the film of Northern Lights, the first of the trilogy His Dark Materials. I’ve been persuaded to take the “meet your dæmon” test from the web site. Creepy result below…

  • New Printer notification bubbles going down well

    Looks like the New Printer notification bubbles from Fedora 8 are going down well in Ubuntu Gutsy.

  • Other people’s rubbish

    Communal bins can be a pain. Round here, there are bins for recycling and bins for “normal” (non-recyclable) rubbish, and the bin collectors are particularly picky — if they spot anything that has been sorted incorrectly they will just leave it the whole bin. One of the households sharing the bins mistook the “normal” rubbish […]

  • The Return of Justin Currie

    Justin Currie’s voice and lyrics are just as good as they were in the Del Amitri days, and just as evocative. I haven’t even finished listening to The Uncle Devil Show yet, and now this album, What Is Love For?, is out. Yay!

  • GIMP print dialog

    Just imagine if The GIMP had a File->Print… menu that looked the same as other GTK+ applications. Am I dreaming to imagine that we might one day have a GTK+ print dialog plugin for GIMP?