This page is about the printer administration tool system-config-printer, which first appeared in Fedora (as part of my work at Red Hat), and later Ubuntu and other operating systems.

The purpose of the tool is to configure a CUPS server (often the local machine) using the CUPS API. The tool is written in Python, using pygtk for the graphical parts and with some Python bindings (pycups) for the CUPS API.

It is largely the same as using the CUPS web interface for configuring printers, but has the advantage of being a native application rather than a web page. It appears in the Fedora menu under System ▸ Administration ▸ Printing.

As a result of using the CUPS API the tool is able to configure remote CUPS instances and is not limited to configuring CUPS on the local machine. The CUPS library providing the API uses HTTP and IPP to communicate with the CUPS server.

Please note that I no longer maintain system-config-printer. Please visit its new home at GitHub.


Download older tarball releases from:

You will also require pycups from:

Source Code

The git repository is available at GitHub.


Language translations should be submitted through Zanata.

Reporting bugs

If you have found a bug in system-config-printer, please report it. If system-config-printer came with your operating system, report the bug to the operating system vendor:

  • Packagers, or people who have installed system-config-printer from source themselves, should report the bug at GitHubThis is the “upstream” bug tracker.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora users should use Red Hat Bugzilla
  • Ubuntu users should use launchpad
  • Mandriva users should use Mandriva Bugzilla


363 responses to “system-config-printer”

  1. Gareth avatar

    Is there a way to make feature requests for system-config-printer?
    It would be nice to be able to drag files into the print queue window to initiate printing. Thanks

  2. W. Carl Mayer avatar
    W. Carl Mayer

    When I print out a page on my HPJaserJet 1012 (email or others), the date shown on the bottom of the page is “12/31/69.” My system date is correct. Why does the printer not pick up the system date?

    1. Jo Ann avatar
      Jo Ann

      When I print out a page on my HPOfficeJetPro 8600, the date shown on the bottom of the page is “12/31/69.” My system date and time is correct. Why does the printer not pick up the system date? Jo Ann

  3. Woody avatar

    Printer keeps saying it is out of paper when it is not. Nothing is jammed. I have reset everything including deleting the printer and added it back. still the same message.

  4. Denise Runde avatar
    Denise Runde

    How can I have the pages printed in page number order, that is collated so top and last print page is page 1?

  5. Pat054 avatar

    Hello, I have a printing worry. I have a drawing (a slide in LibreOffice Impress) format A4 that I print on a Brother MFC-9330CDW printer. The problem is that the printed design on paper is truncated at the top and left. How to fix this problem? The drawing printed in a file is entire. Thank you for your help. cordially

    1. Xzu avatar

      Check first by making a pdf file (print in file)? If file is ok, then check system-config-printer main config, not those from the app you use to print. There can often be conflict between app conf and system-config-printer main config, and the setings of the last one wins. Good luck

  6. Xzu avatar

    I never had the possibility to set contrast/luminosity (and others things like this) for printer on GNU system. Controls exist but just do nothing. Also now, with brother DCP-j752 and ubuntu16.04. I consider contrast/luminosity as absolute basic controls. Hard to believe that comes from drivers issue. Any idea?

  7. Bhim kumar Jyotish avatar

    PDF file is not printing,

  8. Canon printer support avatar

    I was getting system-config-printer terminating unexpectedly when handling UTF-8 characters in certain fields. Now it has been sorted by updating system-config-printer.

  9. Bhim kumar Jyotish avatar

    pls support as pdf file is not printing.

    1. Liz avatar

      Having a problem with my printer. At first kept printing the same page. Solved that problem but now printer is not printing just some faded ink marks

  10. Jose Fegurgur avatar
    Jose Fegurgur

    Hi, I’ve just installed this program and I can’t figure out how to install my printer. Help!

    1. Thorne avatar

      I have a Canon Pixima TS9120. The printer does not print a test page. It says it is completed but it has not printed.

  11. Jean-Luc avatar

    I’ve just install linuxmint 18.3 mate on my laptop in french and only system-config-printer is in english.
    Do you know how to change its language to french ?



  12. NIna avatar

    can anyone help me
    I would like to be able to instead of printing sending the pdf file by e-mail – it usede to bee like that before I changes to ubunto

  13. miriã avatar

    eu tenho que fazer o download de todos os pacotes que tem no primeiro link. ou é so de um ?

  14. kavitha avatar

    how installed the printing in this computer

  15. Reena avatar

    my printer is Epson . I can’t print

  16. Sonu singh avatar
    Sonu singh

    I installed HPLaserjetP1007 in my BOSS Linux PC. It was printing properly till date. Now It is not printing page in same size. It is giving print some line small and some line big. So i am facing problem. When printer is not giving print any doument according print preview. Please solve my problem. So that I could take good print according our document.

  17. David Hannah avatar
    David Hannah

    Printer won’t print, it gives me a message error occured while printing. It hasn’t printed anything.

  18. sureshbabu avatar

    canon 610 series printer use color and black ink, color ink close i used blank ink only but printer not work

  19. Kiran Luwang avatar
    Kiran Luwang

    CUPS server stop to my Linux PC, And don’t know how to fix it?
    Please help me out …..

  20. Kathy Tompkins avatar
    Kathy Tompkins

    I have an XP-640 Epson Printer and it will not print with this Linux Mint system

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