This page is about the printer administration tool system-config-printer, which first appeared in Fedora (as part of my work at Red Hat), and later Ubuntu and other operating systems.

The purpose of the tool is to configure a CUPS server (often the local machine) using the CUPS API. The tool is written in Python, using pygtk for the graphical parts and with some Python bindings (pycups) for the CUPS API.

It is largely the same as using the CUPS web interface for configuring printers, but has the advantage of being a native application rather than a web page. It appears in the Fedora menu under System ▸ Administration ▸ Printing.

As a result of using the CUPS API the tool is able to configure remote CUPS instances and is not limited to configuring CUPS on the local machine. The CUPS library providing the API uses HTTP and IPP to communicate with the CUPS server.

Please note that I no longer maintain system-config-printer. Please visit its new home at GitHub.


Download older tarball releases from:

You will also require pycups from:

Source Code

The git repository is available at GitHub.


Language translations should be submitted through Zanata.

Reporting bugs

If you have found a bug in system-config-printer, please report it. If system-config-printer came with your operating system, report the bug to the operating system vendor:

  • Packagers, or people who have installed system-config-printer from source themselves, should report the bug at GitHubThis is the “upstream” bug tracker.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora users should use Red Hat Bugzilla
  • Ubuntu users should use launchpad
  • Mandriva users should use Mandriva Bugzilla


363 responses to “system-config-printer”

  1. Claudia avatar

    when i print with color there is a lot color line on the the 2 side of the paper
    I am using the same paper and the same ink.
    I don’t remember if some one change the setting
    i had change the version to
    some times take so long to print and I dont think is is on line, only simple printing
    where can i see the regular setting to see what chould be change?

    any ideas?

    thanks 🙂

  2. joop gerritse avatar
    joop gerritse

    I have an Epson WF-3720, which is not found in the database. How can I add it, and get it working? I have a CD-ROM with config info, just do not know how/where to copy it into the database

  3. Ernest avatar

    I have a Motorola Router/Server MOTO74 and a Canon PIXMA 360 Printer that I wish to wirelessly connect. I am using Linux Mint 17 – how do I connect wirelessly to it?

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