CUPS 1.3 shaping up

Judging by some of the bugs and features being marked as “fixed in 1.3-current”, CUPS 1.3 is shaping up very nicely!

STR #1993 (adminutil functions break browsing)
I filed this one because it wasn’t possible to just tick a check-box in the administration interface to turn on debug logging — it would have other undesirable side-effects like changing the ‘BrowseAllow’ line. Glad to see this one fixed!
STR #2008 (Better ‘BrowseAllow’ default)
The default is now ‘BrowseAllow ALL’, meaning that switched networks using directed broadcasts won’t need any special modification on the clients.
STR #1701 (Make help searching better)
The search facility for the on-line help now resembles a full-text search engine, unlike before when it only searched in headings.
STR #1923 (network default options in GET_PRINTER_ATTRIBUTES)
The only way to find out what default job options were set at the server end was to request the printers.conf file and parse it. Hopefully this operation, which often requires a password, can now be avoided. This affects the ‘Job Options’ section of the system-config-printer user interface.

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