Month: November 2007

  • Perfect Storm for Phishing

    The Government’s cavalier handling of our personal data is now well publicised. What mystifies me is what’s keeping the phishing scammers from taking advantage of it. I haven’t yet seen any emails purporting to be from the Government trying to get people to register to protect their details. It’s just a matter of time before […]

  • Printer status feedback

    I’ve been asked about this, so here is a brief summary of the current abilities and limitations of Fedora 8 regarding printer status feedback i.e. getting errors and warnings (paper out, low ink, that sort of thing) to the person who needs to know.

  • Milk bottle tops

    Looks like the birds in this area are wise to the old “peck the milk bottle tops” trick. But do birds like milk? I’m not sure I really see what’s in it for them except to annoy people. Of course, I’m assuming it was done by a bird and that the milkman didn’t put his […]

  • Screencast of “new printer” bubbles

    I’ve just made a quick screencast showing the “new printer” notification bubbles, as well as a “low ink” notification when printing to an HP printer connected to another machine. I used Fedora 8 “Werewolf” (rc3 plus updates) for this. I didn’t bother showing a “paper out” notification — it looks largely the same.

  • Pre-order now! (13 years early)

    Not long to wait now for the DVD box set of The Wonder Years. You can pre-order it now at Amazon… but can that release date really be right?